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Located in the heart of the Space Coast, The Final Frontier Podcast brings together experts within the space industry to share their knowledge and experience in tackling the final frontier of space. This podcast serves as a virtual networking group where you can meet and be introduced to other industry professionals that will compliment or require your services that you’re providing. Listen or watch the weekly released episodes and keep up to date with trending topics in the ever evolving New Space economy.

Your host, Daniel Penaranda, is a young entrepreneur and aspiring space industry leader with a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Commercial Space Studies. He has always been fascinated with space and has grown to love & admire entrepreneurs and leaders within their respective industries. He aims to bring a fresh perspective to his conversations with the guest on the show and uncover where the space economy will be heading in the future. 



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What Our Guests Are Saying

Bob Brumley
CEO, Laser Light Companies

"The Final Frontier Podcast is a great platform for space veterans and rookies. This sector is growing so fast and extending opportunities beyond billionaires, to entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors. I look forward to being invited to participate one day."

Dennis Gatens
CEO & President, LEOcloud

"The Final Frontier is a wild wild west market opportunity where the intersection of cloud and space will address the accelerating demand for Artificial Intelligence on Earth, in LEO and beyond!"