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    It’s invaluable to find out what is happening within the ever evolving space industry. In a flash, new technologies are developed and new policies are passed that can greatly disrupt your operations or catalyze a spark of new ideas to drive your career forward. The Final Frontier interviews the experts in the field and helps you stay ahead of the game.

    The Final Frontier Network consists of a mix of experienced space industry experts and rookies entering the field. You will be able to pick up on the best advice for your career goals from the experts and a flood of new & innovative ideas from the rookies.

    The host of the show prides himself in being a people connector and takes rigorous notes on the interviewees as well as people registered in the network to make that perfect match. The only way to take advantage of this free service is to join the network.

    Joining The Final Frontier Network will open you and your business to a new way of connecting with people in the industry. This network can help spur some new ideas for the expansion of your core business and connect you with that missing link that will drive your business forward.

    Joining the network will give you access to a shared knowledge base through contact with like-minded individuals. 

    Networking is all about building valuable relationships and you may find yourself working with people in this group! This doesn’t just mean providing your to them. It means developing new and interesting ways of doing business that could involved strategic partnerships and the sharing of services.

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